Dover New Hampshire Baseball

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Disciplinary Policy

Disciplinary Procedures

The Dover Baseball Executive Board Members will attempt to obtain all of the details from all of the parties involved in an incident. Umpire(s) may be called upon to make a statement if applicable. If any members of the Dover Baseball Executive Board are involved in the incident, they must abstain from the disciplinary procedure. 

Sanctions for violation of Code of Conduct:

First offense: Minimum of a game plus one suspension (game you are currently participating in plus the following game). 

Second offense: Season suspension. 

Note 1: Offender(s) may be required to appear before the Executive Board for review of any violation.

Note 2: Two season-suspensions in a 3-year period of time shall result in expulsion from Dover Baseball. 

Note 3: Assaulting (e.g. pushing, shoving, striking, spitting) or in any way physically harming a player, manager, coach, parent/guardian, spectator, umpire, or league official may result in immediate expulsion from Dover Baseball (reflecting the current Babe Ruth policy). 

Note 4: Any player ejected from a game will be asked to remain in the dugout with the team until completion of the game.  If the player's behavior and attitude (to be determined by manager or coach in charge in the absence of a manager) warrants removal from the dugout, the player will be released to the supervision of their parent/guardian.   

Note 5: Any person (other than a player) ejected from a game will be asked to leave the premises immediately. 

Note 6:Dover Baseball reserves the right to call local authorities at any time about any person.  Calls will be made for acts of verbal and physical confrontation, as well as disruptive or illegal behavior.

Right of Appeal:

Suspensions: Suspensions may not be appealed. 

Expulsions: Any person has the right to appeal expulsion that (s)he feels is inappropriate.  Following an appeal hearing by the Dover Executive Board, a vote to uphold the expulsion decision will be held.  Any decision to expel an individual from Dover Baseball must have the majority vote of the Dover Baseball Executive Board. A minimum of seven Executive Board Members must be present to hear and vote on an appeal.