Dover New Hampshire Baseball

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Code of Conduct

Use of alcohol, drugs and/or tobacco products is strictly prohibited   Any person(s) engaging in these activities, or acting under the influence, will be directed to vacate the area immediately. Repeat offenses will result in more serious discipline, such as season suspension or expulsion from Dover Baseball.

Weapons are strictly prohibited from any Dover Baseball game area or property.  A weapon is anything that can be used to hurt or injure someone.

Dogs are prohibited from any Dover Baseball game area or property.   Exceptions will be made for service dogs.

Players shall:  

• maintain good sportsmanship at every game, practice and Dover Baseball event.  Unsportsmanlike speech or actions toward any person(s) will not be tolerated.

•regard all managers, coaches, other players, officials, and spectators with respect. Remember that an essential component of the game is being respectful of baseball and the people involved in the game of baseball. 

•demand a drug-free, alcohol-free, and tobacco-free sports environment at all Dover Baseball events. 

Parents/guardians and spectators shall:

•demonstrate positive support for all players, managers, coaches, spectators, and officials, at every game, practice, and/or any other Dover Baseball event. 

•require their child treat other players, managers, coaches, spectators, and officials with respect. 

•place the emotional and physical well being of all children ahead of any personal desire. 

•refrain from entering the playing area during the game.

•not speak or act in an unsportsmanlike manner. 

•not heckle, insult or argue with managers, coaches, players, umpires, spectators, or officials. Questions and/or concerns should be directed outside practice and/or game times and should always be addressed in a respectful way.

•report any school disciplinary action (e.g. detention or suspension) to the child's manager within 24 hours of the action.  Disciplinary action administered by the school may be upheld and/or subjected to the disciplinary policy described herein if applicable (e.g. game suspension).

•demand a drug-free, alcohol-free, and tobacco-free sports environment and agree to assist by refraining from personal use at all Dover Baseball events. 

Managers/Coaches/Volunteers shall:

•use courtesy when questioning the umpire(s) concerning the rules and/or judgment calls. 

•respect the directions of the officials.

•not argue, threaten, openly disapprove or continue the discussion of the call after the umpire in chief closes the discussion and continues the game. 


Code of Conduct cont., Flagrant Offenses

Players, parents/guardians, spectators, managers, coaches, umpires, and/or league officials shall:

•not assault (e.g. push, shove, strike, spit) or in any way physically harm a player, manager, coach, parent/guardian, spectator, umpire, or league official. 

•not use vulgar, obscene, or foul language/gestures, or engage in verbal abuse directed at any person(s). 

•not display unsportsmanlike conduct toward any person(s), such as: throwing and/or kicking items onto the field, throwing and/or kicking items in the dugout, yelling or screaming in and/or behind the dugout. 

• not participate in behavior that results in an ejection from game and/or game premises by an umpire.