Dover New Hampshire Baseball


A player can only participate in two events – all players must participate in at least one event.
Round the Horn

  • Timed Challenge:  Players throw Catcher to Third, Third to Second, Second to First, First to Catcher, Catcher to Second
  • Players Required:  4
  • All four players must touch the ball

Relay Race

  • Timed Challenge:  Players race around the bases.  Players compete against the clock.
  • Players required:  4
  • Players need to start and end at home, only one player will race at a time

Hitting Contest

  • Challenge:  Players hit for distance into designated zones, first round 5 swings, second round 5 swings
  • Players Required:   2
  • Highest two point totals plus ties move on to second round.  Highest total point total is declared the champion.  There is no tie breaker, the competition continues until a winner is determined.

Outfield Challenge

  • Challenge:  Players catch and throw from the outfield to designated targets at second base, third base and home.
  • Players Required:  3