Dover New Hampshire Baseball

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  Dover Baseball  
Left Seem Description: Coach Pitch Division with 6 year olds and 5 year olds who have participated in tee-ball and/or are ready for coach pitch.

Typically two games per week, one on a weekday evening (5:30 start time), and one on Saturday. Games are played at the Garrison School fields. Coaches will generally hold practice 1X per week in the evening.

Opening day will typically be mid April depending on the weather. You will hear from your Coach approximately 2 weeks before opening day.

$50 of your registration is for our calendar fundraiser. When the season starts you will get 10 calendars to sell for $5 each. You will keep the $50 from these sales.

A glove and sneakers are all that are required to play although many children start to wear cleats at this age. Games are held at Garrison School in Dover.

We are happy to have you join the Dover Baseball family. Please look for us on facebook as you will find many updates there as long as in your email.

If you have any questions please email .
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