Dover New Hampshire Baseball


Team Check-In: Friday, July 20
A volunteer from the planning committee will meet one representative from your team (Coach &/or Manager) at 1:30 pm in the lobby area at the Homewood Suites on Friday, July
31st.  At this meeting, you will receive information about the tournament, including your packet, tickets for Friday’s meal, and answer any questions you may have about the tournament.  *Be prepared at this time to provide this volunteer with your State Flag for display at the ballpark.
Managers/Umpires Meeting-Friday, July 20th at 1:30 PM at Homewood Suites
There will be a mandatory Manager’s meeting with tournament officials and the umpire-in-chief. Each team must have a representative (Manager &/or Coach) present at the meeting. The meeting will primarily be for interpretation and discussion of rules and ground rules with the umpire-in-chief and Tournament Officials. Tournament & League Officials will also use this time to check in your Official Team Credentials Book to insure all of the required information is included.  Required documents are as follows:

  • Letter of League Eligibility Tournament Form properly signed
  • Proof of league accident and liability insurance policy
  • Team Photo
  • Tournament team roster certified and signed by league president
  • ID Cards or approved Birth Documents (In same order as rosters)
  • Consent for Treatment form for each player (In same order as rosters)
  • Coaching certification verification for ALL managers and coaches

Official Cal Ripken patches must be worn on the upper left sleeve of all players, coaches & managers.
Opening Ceremonies – Friday, July 20
            3:30 PM            Team Dinner, Food is also available for purchase at concession 
            4:15 PM            Teams to line up in Beckwith Field
            4:30 PM            Opening Ceremonies Begin
            5:30 PM            First Pitch & Skills Competition Begins
            7:00 PM            Skills Competition Awards & Closing Remarks