Dover New Hampshire Baseball


Dover Baseball Calendar Fundraiser

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Why do we have this fundraiser?
Player fees and business sponsorships account for only half of the revenue needed to operate the league, the league also initiates fundraising campaigns. The calendar fundraiser is one of our largest sources of fundraising income.

2.  How many calendars should we sell and by when?
Each player is encouraged to sell at least 10 cash calendars by May 13

3.  How much do calendars cost and what are the prizes?
Calendars sell for $5 each and cash prizes totaling $5,000 will be given over the first 26 days in June

4.  How do we get our calendars?
Your coach will deliver your calendars to you.

5.  How can we get more calendars if we sell the first set of 10?
First, check with your coach to see if (s)he has any extra, or if another player needs help selling their allotment.  If you still need more, contact the Dover Baseball sponsorship group at 

6.  What do we need to hand in when we are done selling calendars?
You need to return all sold calendars so that we can account for them all.  Please return completed ticket stubs for sold calendars. Hand your calendars back in to your coach..

7.  Who can I ask questions?
the Dover Baseball sponsorship group at