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Registration Open Spring/Summer 2021
by posted 02/11/2021

Registration for the 2021 Season is now under way


Registrations for all divisions 4-15 years of age are open and filling fast.


***Please Register Early so we can plan accordingly for the 2021 season.***  (refundable if cancelled)


Late last summer we got baseball going and it was a terrific season. Following State and City Covid outdoor sports guidelines the boys and girls did a great job of social distancing and the coaches were amazing. Baseball being an outdoor sport with distancing already a part of the game It is a great way for children and young adults to get outdoors, see their friends, and enjoy this great game. If you have any questions or concerns please email us at


"See you at the fields"  -2021 Dover Baseball Board

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Babe Ruth FAQ's
by posted 02/10/2021

Founded in 1951, Babe Ruth Baseball League was created for ballplayers ages 13-15 who wished to continue their baseball playing experience beyond the age of 12.  In this division, teams are eligible to enter tournament competition and move along the tournament trail, culminating in a World Series.
In order to guide you in your transition from Cal Ripken to Babe Ruth, we have put together this list of frequently asked questions.
Babe Ruth FAQ's
1.  Who runs the Babe Ruth division?
Dover Baseball!   Our league is organized into 3 major divisions, all of which are managed by the same Board of Directors:  Rookie (ages 4-7), Cal Ripken (ages 8-12) and Babe Ruth (ages 13-15).   
2.  Do players need to try out for Babe Ruth?
All registered players will play - there are no cuts.  We will hold assessments to evenly distribute the teams.
3.  Do 13 - 15 year olds play together?
Yes Starting last season 2020 we began playing 13-15s together. Most leagues including Portsmouth, and other surrounding towns have done 13-15 for years and with great sucess.
4.  How many teams are in Dover Baseball's Babe Ruth division?
Dover Baseball generally rosters 2 teams each for Babe Ruth Prep and Babe Ruth.  In order to offer the ability to play against more teams, Dover Baseball plays in the Quad-City League, which consists of Dover, Rochester, Somersworth and Barrington.  In the past few years, there were approximately 7-8 teams in both Prep and Babe Ruth.
5.  What is the change in field size and where do we play?
Babe Ruth plays on a field with 90ft base paths and the pitching mound is 60ft from home plate (an increase from 70ft base paths and 50 ft pitching mound at the Cal Ripken Major level).
Home games are held at either Dunaway Field (at DHS) or Woodman Park School field.  Practices are held at Woodman Park School.  Away games will be in Rochester, Somersworth and Barrington.
6.  Are the fields in good condition?
Dover Baseball made a significant investment in the field at Woodman Park School in the fall of 2013.  In addition, the DHS Baseball Boosters, and Dover Legion Baseball made substantial improvements to Dunaway field in 2013.  The City and the league make sure the fields are in great shape.
7.  Are there any other rule changes moving up from the Cal Ripken level?
Bat rules change from the previous division. The bat may not exceed 34" in length, and the bat barrel may not exceed 2 5/8" in diameter.  All aluminum/alloy barrel bats and all composite handle (only) aluminum/alloy barrels are allowed.  Only composite barrel bats certified and marked BBCOR .50 will be allowed.  Wood barrel bats conforming to the specifications of Official Baseball Rule 1.10 are allowed.
8.  What is the general time commitment?  When are practices and games? 
The regular season begins in late April and ends in mid-June.  Typically, there are 2 games and 1-2 practices per week.  Games might be weeknights or Saturdays.  Each Dover team plays each team in their division (including the other Dover team) at least once at home and away.  This is a total of approximately 12-14 games.  At the end of this season, there is a Quad-City League playoff schedule.
After completion of the regular season, each division will select one all-star team eligible for district and state (and beyond?) tournament play.
9.  Can a player manage to play both Babe Ruth and another team, such as a school or AAU team?  Yes you can; however, we require you to make the majority of your Babe Ruth games.
10.  What are the expectations for the player's parents?
As with our Cal Ripken division, parents are asked to volunteer in our concession stands (each family is generally responsible for one home game) and help out in any other way that interests them.  We are currently taking requests for coaches at both the Prep and Babe Ruth level.
11.  Why should my child play Babe Ruth?
The Babe Ruth division is affordable, local, flexible and fun.  
We hope that this information has been helpful and that your child will continue their baseball experience with Dover Baseball.  If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact our Babe Ruth League Director or Vice President of Baseball Operations via our contacts page.

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