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Submit your pictures to Dover Baseball
by posted 01/01/2020

Submit your pictures to Dover Baseball

Starting this year if you would like to share your photos of your kids playing baseball with us we can put them up on our site, or share them on the Dover Baseball Facebook and Instagram accounts.* In years past we post pictures from members of the board or from people who submit them directly to us. Since most people take pictures of their kids playing baseball we thought it would be easier to get them to us to post. We will also look to make a YouTube slide show of pictures we receive each week.**

To submit photos just email

To sign our Social Media Consent form, visit our Online Forms page under Dover Baseball Info or click here

* Please note that submitting a picture does not guarantee that the picture will appear on Dover Baseball's social media accounts
** Please only submit photos of children you know or have the permission from the other parent(s) to share. Dover Baseball would like to avoid posting pictures of children or other persons who do not wish to have their images on social media.
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