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Trouble logging in?
by posted 04/17/2019


Follow the images above in order to reset your password if you have lost or forgotten your Dover Baseball password
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SI Play App Difficulties
by posted 04/16/2019

Having issues with notifications or seeing your teams on the SI Play App?

Below is a simple video with instructions on how to log out and log back in to see your teams. The SI Play App could lose connection or not update from season to season, it is important to log out and log in again if something does not seem right or working properly. Game changes or cancellations will go to the app if you regsitered instead of text message, so if you are only receiving emails please follow this video first before contacting
Your email login and password is the same for the app as it is for the Dover Baseball website
If logged in please log out of the SI Play app by clicking more and scrolling to the log out button
Enter the email address you use to log into Dover Baseball's website, click next
If you have access to that email account on that device you can use the magic link option
Otherwise your password for the Dover Baseball site will log you in
Open the email you receive from SI Play
The link in the email will open a browser and will then ask to open the app
Make sure your current teams are listed and selected, click next
If you are missing teams you can use the verify account option to try to recover those
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