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Practice Tuesday
by posted 07/10/2020

I mentioned to the team tonight but wanted to give you a heads up as well...  was looking at the calendar today and things are pretty tight. I am hoping to run a batting practice at Hilltop Fun Center Tuesday evening. I will make the reservation in the morning and confirm times. If we are able to get a few cages for an hour, we may take video of some swings so we can share them with you and look at any suggestions. In game it has been challenging to make adjustments so hopefully having this at our disposal will help. 

I would also like to offer pizza to the kids after about an hour of hitting. I think some great bonds are being formed even with the distance rules in place. So I would like them to hang together outside of the field too. More to come this weekend but wanted to let you know that I am looking to book this if possible. 


I know it will be our fourth night next week so no worries if you can't make it. Please look for confirmation later this weekend and enjoy!



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Game Tonight CANCELLED
by posted 07/08/2020

Unfortunately this storm looked insurmountable. We are going to cancel tonights game and put it in place of our practice on July 18th at Sullivan Field. Sorry everyone, was looking forward to playing tonight. See you all Friday.

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Game Tonight---UPDATE at 3PM
by posted 07/08/2020

Hey Guys,

We here at the Dover Baseball Weather Desk are watching this afternoon carefully. I am optimistic about weather by nature, so I look at it as 80% chance of rain is still a 20% chance of clear skies. Folks at the board level are looking closely too and I am in contact with them and the coaches for the other team. We are going to keep monitoring things and have decided that 3pm will be our go/no go deadline. Hopefully that will give everyone enough planning time if we have to call it off, but also gives us a late enough window to see what develops. 


Look out for notifications around 3 today if we have to cancel. I will try to be on line and let you know if we are a go but if you don't hear anything, then we are planning to play. If we have to cancel, we are likely going to change our Saturday, July 18th practice into a game. Please let me know if that is a problem for anyone or if you were planning on being away that day. Last thing I want to do is reschedule this game a second time and then not have enough to field a team. Thanks for your patience and we will be in touch soon.


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Game Tonight
by posted 07/06/2020

Good Morning,

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. I am looking forward to the game tonight. If you don't think your son can attend, please let me know asap. I completely understand if you can't make it but am finalizing the line ups/positions and the more I know, the easier it is.

We have three games this week so we will be busy and don't have a practice on the books. The coaches and I have kicked around the idea of doing a batting practice at Hilltop Fun Center. Basically we would rent out 1-2 pitching machines for an hour. This would likely be in lieu of a normal practice or added on to one of our lighter weeks. I would love to maybe combine it with a pizza party or something else, but while I manage the baseball calendar, I have significantly less understanding of our family plans so have to think about that a bit. Please let me know if anyone has concerns about having a practice off the field and at the cages. Only coaches would be touching any tokens or turning machines on/off. Kids can bring their own bats, or use one of the bats I have from Dover Baseball so we would not be sharing equipment. However, I did want to get a sense for how this looks from your perspective before we take the next steps.

Look forward to seeing everyone again tonight. Friday was a very well played game and I hope to build on that this week. I am shooting to arrive around 4:30 to get the field prepped and hopefully we can use the batting cage and pitch to anyone who can make it. We will be taking infield practice at 5 so if you can't be there for batting, I would love to see as many as I can for our warmup on the field.

Thanks again.


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Left Items and Update
by posted 07/01/2020

Good Morning Everyone,


Start off by saying I am so proud of how all the kids bounced back. Made some plays in the field, threw strikes and put on one of the best offensive displays I have seen, albeit for one inning. Bad news is that per the rules, I don't think any of it will count. I had discussions with the other coaches in the league and the division directors last night and that is the way the consensus was going. We will play that team next Wednesday, and likely be starting from pitch 1. I know many of the kids will be disappointed and I will address it with them prior to our game Friday but wanted you to know in case they ask what is happening. It's too bad, but shouldn't take away from what they accomplished in the shortened game last night.

I also picked up a black steel water bottle with a significant amount of stickers on it and a bright green folding chair from behind our bench last night. Would have missed it, but had to go back for my child's chair as well.  If these are yours, please let me know. I will have them Friday.



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Game Tonight
by posted 06/30/2020

Good Morning Everyone,

Hope to catch a break tonight wih the weather and see you all. I tried to get as much practice in as we could yesterday but felt the rain was ultimately too much, the ball was too slippery and it was getting tough to see out there. Hope those of you who were out there weren't too wet, and apologies for the laundry.

Key things we will go over before the game are the pitch selection at the plate and always being ready to play in the field, no matter what position you are playing, the ball can find you in this league so we want everyone to be ready. Weather and life permitting, I am planning to get to the field around 4:30 or so today, my sense is there will be work to be done on it, but also want to offer a chance for some extra time to loosen up and get a few swings in for everyone. We will have a full infield practice at 5:00. I have had a few questions about game day arrival times and in general myself and/or the other coaches will shoot to be there an hour early. I don't expect you to be there that early, but 30-45 before start time would be great whenever possible.


Look forward to (hopefully) playing today.

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by posted 06/23/2020

Good Morning Team,

Can't wait for the game tonight, it should be a lot of fun. I wanted to share with you that I am going to try to use an app called Game Changer to keep the scorebook tonight and for the whole season. We will see how it goes as it is an experiment for me, but have heard good things. One of the advantages of it is that it will have live scoring for anyone who wants to follow along. I know with schedules, a family member may not be able to make it to the game, or if there are grandparents etc who would like to be there but can't due to the circumstances. With this app, they can still follow along pitch by pitch.

I am not great at tech advice, but you can go to your device's app store and search Game Changer Team Manager (green logo with GC on it) and download the app. When you open it, search for our team, Collins Sport Center. If you request to be a family member of your son, I will approve it (not sure this is necessary as I set it up for all fans to watch, but certainly as a parent, please do)

Next step is to click on the calendar icon at the bottom of the screen. Select the in progress game and you will be able to watch pitch by pitch. Hopefully this will add a little extra enjoyment for all the friends and family that can't attend. I will try not to mess it up too badly!

Please note, for the time being, I will continue to communicate through the Dover Baseball Website and the Sports Illustrated app that houses our alerts from the league, so this will be for live scoring/stats only and won't be mandatory for anyone. I know how valuable storage space can be on phones so no worries if you don't have the app. 

See you tonight.



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